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Writtern by Annet

Coreline armatures are stylish and energy-saving armatures for a sharp price. They are designed for a simple 1 on 1 replacement of your current armature and consists of standard products for countless applications. The Coreline led-serie makes an energy-saving possible up to 80% in comparison with traditional lighting armatures.

Since October 2016 is the Coreline Tempo serie extended with the tempo small and tempo large. The spotlights are applicable as lighting of accomodations, for recreational sports, frontals, billboards and landscapes, safety and mood lighting.

Also new is the Coreline Slimdownlight. These are extreme thin and designed  to replace up to 2x18w and 2x26w CFL based downlight-armatures. They are applicable in stores, reception rooms and as general lighting in foyers.

Below you will find a link to the brochure of Philips with all armatures who are now for sale . You will find them in our pricelist off article 29430.


                                                                                                                       BROCHURE CORELINE

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