On this page you will find summarized information about the range of BLV.

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LED light systems
There are various series:┬áHedrion LED bulbs – Hedrion LED luminaires – Canopion LED luminaires – Sionion LED high bay – Neptorion LED fixtures.

LED retrofit lamps
They have one serie: Soraa . They have a long life, optimal light quality and electrical safety.

Halogen lamps
These halogen lamps are long lasting, dimmable and safe products. Discover AMBILON lamps and BLV spotlight and pin (socket) lamps for perfect lighting (indoor and outdoor).

Gas discharge lamps
These lamps have a long life. These lamps are the high – pressure discharge lamps from BLV. There are different product ranges available, including: Signion, horturion and nepturion.

Floodlights / spotlights
Serie name: Staturion

Serie name: Luxia

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